Interview with Sir Geoff

Source: Alfred Galustian
Date: 2011
Sir Geoff talks to Alfred Galustian, co founder of Coerver Coaching and technical advisor to the Barclays Premier League.

Introduction: What are the strengths in the England squad?

The importance of work ethic over talent?

How can we improve the next generation of English players?

Tips for creating goal chances

Sir Geoff's top 5 tips

Sir Geoff's tips for coaches

The Coerver Programme

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Sir Geoff Hurst

Sir Geoff Hurst MBE secured a unique place in the history of football in 1966 when he became the first and, for more than 56 years, the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup Final.

Sir Geoff says that he 'had a great run', nevertheless he remains the only player to score a 'perfect' hat-trick and the only to be on the World Cup winning team.

Knighted in 1998 and inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2004, Sir Geoff holds a special place in the hearts of football fans across the world and, perhaps surprisingly, this includes Germany!