Comment... from Sir Geoff

  • FA Cup Semi-Final: Bolton 0 - Stoke 5Source: Sir Geoff Hurst
    Date: 18 April 2011

    What did you think of the result?
    I couldn't be happier for Stoke. I spent three very happy years there and I am delighted for both the club and the fans. The manager, Tony Pulis, has done a terrific job - gradually improving the team and establishing them as tough Premiership opponents. This is a fantastic achievement for the manager, the club and the fans.

    Do you think Stoke won or Bolton lost?
    Stoke won - definitely. Bolton will argue that they lost but Stoke were strong and took their chances. It was one of those days when everything came together for them - they deserved it. They are known to be a tough team to play against - and that is the result of good discipline and teamwork.

    What were your highlights in the game?
    The first goal set the tone and was probably a defining moment in that it gave them an important early lead but it was hugely enjoyable to watch the entire game. A great all round performance.

    Do you think it will be a good final?
    Yes, I do and I am looking forward to it. I would like to see Stoke win for two reasons - firstly, because I played for the club and really enjoyed my time there and, secondly, because we always want to see the underdogs win. This isn't a club that has spent hundreds of millions of pounds to build a team - they have built up gradually and worked hard to become a strong unit. Tony Pullis has referred to his team as the Battersea Dogs Home of football and I think that they all deserve this success and I hope they can go all the way. I think most neutrals will be behind them to win.

    What do you think of Stoke's chances in the Final?
    The chances are 50-50 and anything can happen. They will be carrying enormous confidence into the final after a 5-0 win but everyone knows they will have to play their best to bring home the trophy.