• Will anyone ever score a hat-trick in the World Cup final again?
    By: Andrew Leslau

    It's very unlikely. Sir Geoff's record may stand for ever more as the ultimate achievement in World football. But why do I think so?

    There are many statistics that may influence your view on this record. There are two sets, however, that are possibly more significant than any others.

    Since 1966 there have been 11 World Cup Finals and there have been no hat tricks in any World Cup Final, no hat tricks in any Semi-Final and, no hat tricks in any Quarter Final.

    Since 1990 inclusive, the six World Cup Final results have been 1-0; 0-0; 3-0; 2-0; 1-1 and 1-0 - 9 goals in 6 games - an average of only 1.5 goals per Final.

    It is the fear of losing that continues to dominate the mentality of teams across the world as they get closer to lifting the World Cup. Who would predict that, in the most important of all matches, the Final goal famine will ever change?

    Of course, we never know what will happen and so there is always the possibility that, when we least expect it, someone will equal, if not break Sir Geoff's record. Even in this event, though, Sir Geoff will always be the first and his place at the top of the tree in the World Cup history books is ensured.

    So what are the odds on Sir Geoff's record being broken? Given that any real outsider is usually priced by a bookie at 100-1 they must surely be at least 100-1. (For an Englishman to break the record, you would need to multiply this by an almost unfathomable number.)

    A World Cup only takes place every 4 years, so odds of 100-1 equate to at least 400 years. If you do want to have a bet on the record being broken, it is therefore advisable to think very carefully. Even if you are eventually proved right, what are the odds on you being around to collect your winnings?